What is Composite?

Composite is a node-based material editor to create and blend your materials in Unity.

It is aiming to create an intuitive workflow, to remove most technical knowledge required to work with complex (physically based) materials and to drastically reduce the time required to make your materials and textures

One material library

With Composite you can blend multiple base materials into a single material. Keep all your base materials in a single library and blend them together to create a complex material

Physically Based Rendering made easy

Blending is done with entire materials, no need to manually blend metallic maps/specular maps/bump maps/etc.

Blend using simple masks

Blend all your materials together using simple grayscale masks

Easily create variations

Decided you want to have gold in your material instead of the metal you began with? No problem! change your base material and the result will be updated immediately

Node based editing

Use a visual node-based interface to create all your materials. With a live preview for every node

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