• Improved rendering performance
  • Composite can now be opened in a window
  • Added a preview inspector view for the final material to inspect all the properties
  • Composite Node: Tiling properties are no longer copied over from the base material but are now baked into the final texture
  • Textures are now saved when closing the editor instead of after every render/bake
  • Property Window can now be collapsed


  • Fixed blending for AO and Height textures
  • Interacting with the previews in the Property Window now no longer updates the material
  • The Blend Mode dropdown in the Composite node Property Window now works properly


  • Added Node Property Window to easily access all properties for a node
  • The editor is now more responsive
  • Materials are updated less often to improve performance
  • Nodes and connections can now be deleted by using the backspace key
  • Pressing escape will deselect everything
  • It is now possible to scale and offset all materials and mask in a composite node
  • Pressing F will reset the view area to the center of your graph
  • Blending materials together no longer darkens the textures


  • Removed example from the package to reduce file size. it is now available as a free download


  • Initial release

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